Dj Equipment Mixing and Mastering Tips and Tricks

Here’s some tips to become a better DJ when using your DJ equipment to make better mixers and live a healthier, more successful life. First, make sure to take regular breaks when mixing. For example, avoid going directly from the mixdown stage over to masterting in the same day. It’s our advice to take a good break between these two crucial processes. Is this tip solely for your health? No of course not, although it is important to remain fresh when using your dj equipment. Basically, taking a break between these stages will make your mixdown better because it will avoid any misjudgments that might skew do to tiredness.


Let’s now discuss the differences between mixing and mastering with your dj equipment. Basically speaking, mixing is a different process to mastering in that mixing should aim to give you a great balance of your elements in your track whereas mastering will aim to get that perfect shape and brilliant levels to the track which will in turn give you the single entity that you desire. Another good tip is not just to take that break between mixing and mastering on your dj equipment but to also get some feedback/advice from your peers at this stage as well.


The next golden nugget of information to help you become the best DJ you can and to get truly the best from your beloved dj equipment is to never underestimate the importance of A/Bing. So what it A/Bing? I hear you ask? Put simply, it’s comparing the track you’re working on to a commercial winner track from usually the same genre. This is not to say you want to copy the production of the commercial track, but it’s to keep your mind focused on what you initially set out to achieve. Or at least the level of mixing and mastering that you wanted to get from your track on your best dj equipment beginner style.

So what should you listen for when A/Bing? We think it’s best to focus on the stereo width, your overall volume, levels of compression and also the prominence of the vocals compared with the bass. If you’re hearing that the track you’re working on is sounding somewhat flat compared to the track you’re A/Bing on your deejay equipment then maybe you need to use exciters or even your EQ to get it pumping a lot more. If conversely, the track is sounding far too narrow you should think about widening your stereo but remember to keep an eye on your levels at all times.